Carolyn + Ben 

"As artists ourselves, we wanted someone truly dedicated to the craft of photography to shoot our wedding. A good friend pointed us towards Krisanne’s incredible documentary photography and mentioned that she also photographed weddings, lucky for us! We found exactly what we were looking for working with Krisanne. She was very communicative in the weeks leading up to the event to make sure that we were all on the same page. On the day of, she and her second shooter worked seemingly effortlessly with our large family and large crowd. She so successfully captured the joyous spirit of the occasion in every photograph. Of course, the stunning photos speak for themselves (thousands of words each!)." 


Jane + Pete

"Having known Krisanne's remarkable documentary photography outside of her wedding work, we were thrilled and honored to have her as part of our wedding day. Krisanne is incredibly professional, attentive, calm and kind. She was present at all of the important moments, but like a wonderful photographer, never made the presence of a camera feel intrusive or in the way. Our wedding photos are beautiful -- capturing intimate moments and memories with beautiful light and attention to detail. Thank you Krisanne for being part of our wedding day!" 


Caris + Noel 

"Krisanne was a total pleasure to work with. She was a great communicator, warm and organized, and seamlessly captured our wedding day. We have so many beautiful photos of the day thanks to Krisanne."


Amanda + Don

"Krisanne’s impeccable eye is perfectly paired with her ability to transmit ease and comfort to even the most awkward bride and groom (us!).  She has an extraordinary talent for capturing the true spirit and energy of a rowdy party, without missing any of the small and intimate moments one could easily miss on a day as busy as your wedding day.  Krisanne is sincere, thoughtful and responsive, a true pleasure to work with. Our wedding photos are stunning, and we will cherish them forever." 


Lisa + Rudy

"We are absolutely thrilled with the way the photos turned out. The pictures you took will serve to represent very fond and special memories for many many years to come! Again, words cannot describe how thankful we are for your work and professionalism throughout the whole process. The special relationship between couple and photographer on their wedding day is so important and we could not have had a better more enriching experience working with you. Throughout the weekend we were consistently told by our visiting guests how great you guys were. You were always at the perfect spot at the right time. We are so happy to have spent our wedding weekend with you!"


Kate + Paige 

"There are no words to convey how incredibly grateful we are to have had Krisanne photograph our wedding. She is the consummate professional, works insanely hard and brings such warmth and generosity to her craft. She made all of us feel so relaxed and comfortable, and it shows in the pictures. If you have the chance to work with Krisanne, do it! She's a real gem. And it'll be one of the best decisions you make."


Marisa + David

"We couldn't have been happier with the images Krisanne delivered. They were both exquisite and intimate. Also, none of them felt staged. They really captured beautiful moments as they were unfolding."